Sunday, 22 November 2009


Where it all started, I still have my '73 SS model after it spent many years injured in my Mums shed. This came at a time when I was spending less time riding and more time reminiscing, the first restoration was officially under way. After locating a frame a second field bike was aquired and further along enough spares to make a third, restoring becomes an addiction. It's in the British psyche, the sentimental attachment to an object that renders it more than the sum of its parts and turns it into a companion. 

After 3 years both the '73 SS and a '74 'purple popsicle' are complete, better than new, and a joy to own.


Bikes are in my blood, my earliest memories are wanting them, my happiest, and worst memories are owning them. I owe my outlook, friends, passions and living to most things connected to 2 wheels. I dedicate this site to the bikes that shaped my life.